• BA in Recreation Health Education (UVic)
  • 12 years as a Certified Personal Trainer (BCRPA)
  • 10 years as a Certified Group Fitness Instructor (BCRPA)
  • 6 years as GM of the Victoria Sport & Social Club
  • Owner of KCHF
  • Owner of BPM Indoor Cycling Inc.
  • Owner of BPM Fitness Centre
  • Dog dad
  • 8th Season Game of Thrones finisher

Training Philosophy:

I take the time to design programs specifically with your needs and goals in mind. It starts from the ground up, focusing on stability, mobility and form, then taking the natural progressions to help you achieve and surpass your goals. Your body is a complex machine and like any machine it can function to it’s fullest potential if treated properly. We take a functional-training approach to fitness. Performing exercises that improve your overall strength, stability, and mobility to enhance daily movements.

Training Style:

In fitness, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Each and every-body is unique, which means each and every session is adapted to the Client’s needs. I believe in empowering my Clients through motivation, education, and sometimes a little tough love 😉 Whether you’re training for health, sports, or rehabilitation I will guide you through safe and effective programs to help you optimize your performance.

What I Do:

My days are split between training clients and running my two studios – BPM Indoor Cycling and BPM Fitness Centre. I train all of my clients out of the Fitness Centre. I also teach 5+ fitness classes/week in what we call “The 6am Club”. If you’re interested in taking one of my classes, you can check it out here